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I'm Lasha.

I'm a proud Northern Canadian Fine Artist who fearlessly conquers Brain Tumors, Chronic Pain, and Mental Health challenges while channeling my creativity onto cotton paper using ink and graphite.

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Transforming Adversity into Art:

My Inspiring Journey


Life often takes us down unexpected paths, and my journey from adversity to becoming a Fine Artist is a testament to the incredible power of determination, passion, and support.

As a child, I watched my siblings effortlessly create beautiful drawings, while I struggled to find my artistic voice. My father's cherished book, "Birds of North America," served as a canvas for our youthful imaginations. However, their teasing always echoed in my mind: "Don't give up your daytime job." Little did they know that my life was about to take a dramatic turn.

In my early twenties, I faced a rare brain tumor diagnosis and multiple chronic health disorders. I lost the ability to walk, talk, and even feed myself. It was a journey through darkness, but one that ultimately led to the light of transformation.

In 2019, the city of Fort McMurray rallied around me, raising the funds I needed for life-saving brain surgery in Houston, Texas. I emerged from that surgery with a new lease on life, but also a new identity. The "old me" no longer existed; I was reborn and had to rediscover who I was.

Every day brings its challenges - brain injury symptoms, chronic pain, and mental health disorders. It can be an isolating journey, but I am fortunate to have an unwavering source of support in my husband, Christopher, or as I lovingly call him, King CareGiver.

Post-surgery, Christopher encouraged me to explore the healing power of art. What started as Motor and Cognitive Therapy evolved into an all-encompassing passion for the arts. My artwork flourished, and I found myself becoming a part of the Federation of Canadian Artists, where I crossed paths with my mentor, Mark Anthony (

Mark's expertise in classical traditional drawings opened up a beautiful new world to me. His support allowed me to reintegrate into society, even with my limitations. I am forever grateful for the guidance and mentorship Mark provides.

But my journey didn't stop there. It took a twist that no one, including myself, could have predicted. Before my brain surgery, I couldn't draw a stick figure if my life depended on it. Today, I am not only creating art but also selling my original pieces to collectors around the world. My siblings can no longer tease me with their old refrain, "Don't give up your daytime job."

What's more, my journey has led me to use American Sign Language (ASL) as a form of communication post-surgery. ASL has become an integral part of my identity and my art. It's a testament to the incredible adaptability of the human spirit.

I am excited to share my art with you, in hopes that it brings as much joy to your life as it does to mine.

Join Me on This Incredible Journey

Welcome, and I invite you to join me as I continue walking this extraordinary life path. Together, we can discover the endless possibilities that arise from resilience, creativity, and the support of a community that never stops believing in the power of transformation. Stay tuned for upcoming ASL signing classes with Mark Anthony, a unique opportunity to connect through art and language.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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